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When Quality and Comfort Really Count

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Serving customers in Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties, Florida.

At Preferred Mechanical, we understand that the quality of life inside your home is determined not just by its furnishings and decor. The purity of the air you breathe, the humidity and climate, the efficiency and cleanliness of your air conditioning system all contribute to your comfort and health.

We offer expert repair services for a full range of air conditioning and indoor air quality systems, using the most cost effective, high quality parts when needed. For major repairs where an appliance may need to be replaced, we’ll give you all the information necessary to make the right decision. For home renovations and new installations, we stay on top of all the latest trends in equipment and materials to provide you with the safest, most efficient home services available.

"At Preferred Mechanical we deliver high quality service, but our most important product is customer satisfaction!"

Air Conditioning Installation: Central Air, Heat Pumps & Ductless

Heat Pumps don’t make much sense unless you want better efficiency on the cold winter days. In fact there is no real tax incentive to purchase Heat Pumps over a Straight Cool AC. This winter 2016/2017 all our home owners with Heat Pumps were enjoying better efficiency that delivered a substantial cost saves on that monthly electric bill. Now that we are moving toward higher standards with 410a refrigerant and 14SEER as the base unit Preferred Mechanical Florida home owners in Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties that install Goodman have cost saves of $100–$150 a month on their electric bill. Everyone else with Straight Cool units have been completely dependent on strip heat (resistance heat) that are typically 5kw for 3 ton, 7kw for 4 ton and 10kw for 5ton homes, costing $$$. When it’s time to change out consider changing up, 3ton or bigger houses should have a minimum 16SEER Heat Pump installed. Going ductless select 18–21SEER for that room addition or lanai close in.

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Maintenance & Repair Services

Every Home Owner deserves to be treated fairly that’s why we use Best Practices Policy and Flat Rate Pricing that reflects industry rates for service and repair to your AC systems. You will always come first,our profitability depends on customer retention, if we cannot satisfy our current clients why should we attempt to get more? Happy clients become our greatest form of advertising referring friends and neighbors. We deliver technical expertise to single stage, 2 stage and variable speed systems and back it up with our lifetime workmanship guarantee. Preferred Mechanical Inc is the best Licensed Residential HVAC company in Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties to understand the science of ventilation and home comfort.  We Service and Repair Lennox, RHEEM, Carrier, Bryant, Coleman, Trane, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Amana and Goodman. When it’s time to submit a warranty claim against part defect on your behalf our team is the best at quickly getting that OEM part installed.

Indoor Air Quality

Pollen and other contaminants can easily penetrate your living space making you or your family uncomfortable or sick. Preferred Mechanical can advise you on a range of options, and provide installation and service of air quality products.

Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery units also help homeowners reduce their water heating bills. Heat recovery units work by capturing and concentrating the heat produced by air conditioners or heat pumps and using it to heat water. Heat recovery units can save some homeowners up to 50% of their usual hot water heating bill. Preferred Mechanical installs and services heat recovery units. We’ll help you choose a unit that optimizes the energy capture from your system.

Solar Water Heaters

With recent improvements in materials and technology, solar hot water heaters have become a practical, low cost way to provide hot water for homes in Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties, FL. Preferred Mechanical will advise you on the different systems available and the capacity of the system you need. We’ll position and install the exterior collection plates and all the necessary pipes. Solar heaters can significantly reduce your energy bills and save you money, but they must be installed properly. Preferred Mechanical will make sure the job is done right.

Attic Fans

A layer of hot, stagnant air in your attic can make your air conditioner work harder by allowing heat from the hot roof to transfer into your house. Preferred Mechanical can install a high efficiency attic fan that will vent the super–heated air and humidity in your attic to the outside of the house.

Ductwork & Insulation

Preferred Mechanical also services and installs ductwork, specializing in flexible ventilation design. We can also help determine if your home is properly insulated to maximize the efficiency of its cooling and heating system. Call us today for duct and insulation service in Pinellas, Pasco & Hernando Counties, FL.

Energy Evaluations to Maximize Efficiency and Load Calculations

Preferred Mechanical’s professionals are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) for home energy evaluations. We can assess home environmental control systems to ensure that they perform according to nationally recognized standards for energy consumption, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality. We are also certified to perform load calculations to ensure that the operating capacities of your heating and cooling appliances are appropriately sized for your home. Don’t pay for a new cooling or heating appliance that far exceeds your needs; and don’t keep fixing a unit that struggles to properly maintain temperatures in your home. Call Preferred Mechanical first and we can evaluate your system to help you make the right choice.

Leaky Air Ducts Can Make You Sick!

Tests have proven the average home loses $.25 cents of every dollar of conditioned air through leaky duct–work and can be the prime source of harmful contaminated air entering your home.

Poorly Maintained Air Handlers Can Make you Sick!

Air Handlers are one of the most forgotten areas of your home when it comes to cleaning. Our trained technicians will check your ventilation which includes the air handler cabinet for dirt, dust, pollen, dander, and any other airborne contaminants that may be affecting the way your air conditioner functions. Over time these contaminants can creating a breeding ground for fungus, mold, mildew, and other microbes. These microbes can re–circulate through the air in your home and seriously impact the health of your family if left untreated. Inspecting, cleaning and treating your ventilation system can prevent and relieve many negative symptoms of asthma, allergies, and respiratory ailments.